Yeastar Launch NEW 1 & 2 port ATA for 2015 Q4

Posted on Thursday 22nd Oct 2015

Convert Analogue to VoIP Services with an ATA

If you want to keep using regular analogue phones, an Analogue Telephone Adapter will be enough to enable VoIP service in your home or small business. Yeastar TA100/200 provides user access to Internet phone services through 1 or 2 standard RJ-11 FXS port with analogue phones or fax machines. Whether you are a residential user or small business owner, you will find Yeastar TA100/200 fit in your home and business as it is easy to use, cost-effective, and reliable.


For Small Business

Connect TA100/200 to your VoIP service provider or your existing IP-based system to use analogue phones, fax machines, or POS machines. Small business can take advantage of the many new and exciting IP telephony applications by connecting their analogue devices to Yeastar TA100/200.


For Teleworkers

TA100/200 interconnects two networked location to realize voice communication on analogue phones. Teleworkers will feel like in the office and have smooth communication with colleagues and customers.


For Travelling Businessman

Bring this small piece of ATA with your on a business trip and be connected to your office telephone system whether you go. Unique Micro USB port allows TA100/200 to be powered by any standard USB cable. Plug and play this device to the Ethernet port and connect it to the hotel’s analogue phone, and you will have a remote office.


For Service Provider

Yeastar TA100/200 complies with SIP standard and boasts crystal clear voice calls, strong security measures, and superb interoperability to work with most SIP-based VoIP service providers.



  • Provide 1 or 2 RJ11 FXS Ports to connect legacy telephones to IP-based networks
  • An impressive list of calling features such as caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, distinctive ringtone
  • High performance line-echo cancellation that eliminates noise and echo
  • Fits in most environments with small form factor
  • Flexible configuration and provisioning options: auto-provisioning with FTP/TFTP/HTTP provisioning server's, Web configuration through intuitive Web GUI, basic configuration on telephone keypad with voice prompt

Single FXS £35 exVat
Dual FXS £45 exVat

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