At Flex-Telecom we are not in the business of selling telephone systems that will be outdated in 5 years time. We focus on providing the most advanced telephone solutions tailor made to suit the specific needs of your business.

A telephone system is one of the most important assets for your business. It will greet your customers when they first contact your business, it will help your sales people close that important contract over the phone and assist your technical support managing multiple calls through an advanced queuing and CRM systems. You cannot afford to miss even one call and the telephone system must be able to route calls offering the highest level of service at any point time regardless of traffic volume.

Features for a phone system vary upon a business’s needs and circumstance, they also change as the business develops. With so many options we have just made some notes for you on key service people require.
Features are available on all system types, On Premise, Hosted or Hybrid. Please see Whats Best For You?

Call recording

Many businesses now find themselves wanting call recording more than a legal requirement to need it. Many use it to check back on conversation as confirmation or if they get some aggressive calls (Taxi Companies/Schools). Call recording is usually found in 3 flavours;
Manual Recording – Allows a user to record a call when they want, these are stored under the users personal account.
Auto Recording – This system automatically records all calls (Where configured) and stores them in a central archive.
PCI DSS Compliant – All calls are recorded and stored within strict regulations, Financial groups and call centres are mostly effected by these rules.

Mobility and Multi Site Features

A host of benefits, unified communication functionalities allow workers to keep on top of their calls and meetings regardless of geographic location or device. Users in different offices can have access to the same services: Line sharing, Call Transfer, Recording & Reporting, Presence, Extension Status, Conference Bridge and more. All site to site calls are free reducing overheads for a busy organisation.

Choice of virtual numbers

By choosing a virtual number or a SIP number you are allowing your business the flexibility to keep the same number regardless of where you move and receive calls even in the event of a business disaster.
Virtual numbers can be Local 01, 02, 03 or 08, 09 depending on your requirements.

Supported Systems

We support a number of systems, however we have selected only a few to partner with.
By partnering and dedicating our time to a few select manufacturers it enables our engineers to obtain high trechnical accreditations and ensures the manufacturers will back us fully with system support.
We have chosen;
AVAYA IP Office - This ranges from circa 2000 to current day. We will supply and support Argent series, 4XX DT and DS series, 500 v1 and v2, the latest Server editions.
3CX - This is a Server based system that can be supplied configured on a new server, or on your own virtual server if required. In Q3 2016 we will be launching our Hosted 3CX solution to the public.
Yeastar - Some variations are also known as the IQ PBX in UK. This PBX is a cost effective solution for SME's. They are licence free units and support a set amount of users and trunks per PBX. Feature rich SIP based PBX with the ability to connect to Analogue and Digital phone lines.
Yeastar also have a range of Gateways to provide connectivity between SIP and Analogue or Digital services.


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