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Broadband and Leased Lines

High-Speed, Reliable Broadband to Power Your Business

Switch to fast business broadband.

You’ll get the speed and support you need to run your business. Whether you’re a small company or a large organisation.

Choose from ADSL2+, superfast fibre broadband or ultrafast leased lines.

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Reliable Business Broadband You Can Trust

Your business depends on broadband. So choose a first-class service you can trust. Our team will give you peace of mind because we’ve been helping businesses with broadband for over 10 years.

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Boost Your Business with Superfast Broadband

Avoid a slow internet. With fibre broadband, you can access speeds of up to 50Mbps upload and 330Mbps download*. Or with a leased line, you’ll have a guaranteed speed of up to 1Gbps for upload and download. 

*Area and exchange dependent

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Practical Support to Solve Your Problems

When you need help, get in touch by email, phone or use the self-service portal. And if you have a problem, we’ll fix it as fast as possible. All our services are business-grade and PSTN services come with a minimum of Care level 2 ensuring a fast response. We also run a dedicated monitoring service.

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Better Connectivity with Static IP Addresses

You get a static IP address, whichever service you choose. This lets you run your own servers for emails, websites or file sharing. Connect CCTV for your business. Or access your computer remotely over a private VPN.

Choose Your Broadband Service

Our team can help you choose the right service for your business:

What Customers Say

“What a breath of fresh air these guys are. They work as a team and are human and capable, which is such a rarity today in the telecoms business.  

Matthew and team over the last 4+ years have helped us overcome broadband issues that well-known national companies couldn't/wouldn't. Helped us understand phone options and got us set up in our new offices a couple of years ago.”

Helen Reed, Profit and Process

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