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Business Phone Systems

Business Phone Systems to Improve Your Performance

Choose the right phone system for your business.

You can improve your customer service. Get more choice with how you communicate. And increase your productivity.

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Deliver Excellent Service for Your Customers

Help your customers speak to the right person faster with efficient routing:

  • Direct numbers - Route callers straight to a department or person
  • Skills-based - Choose your preferred people in a department to receive calls
  • VIP Caller - Allow important calls to bypass queues 
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Increase Your Communication Choices

Business phone systems give you more ways to communicate: 

  • SMS - Send messages that are quick and easy to respond to. Get better responses than with email marketing 
  • Web Chat - Talk via chat, call, video or screen share through your web browser
  • Audio and Video Calls or Conferencing - Start a call with a link or QR Code through your browser. There’s no need to download anything
  • Fax - Send and receive faxes via email. Keep your number but without needing a fax machine
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Improve the Efficiency of Your Business

Give your teams the tools to work together regardless of location:

  • Click-to-call
  • Chat - including attachments
  • Digital Post-it notes
  • CRM integration - see who has spoken to a client and when
  • Video conference on any device from any location. Share screens and documents
  • Schedule your phone status with MS Office 365 integration
  • BYOD - Browser-based calling using WebRTC or Android / iOS Apps
  • Full statistics reporting help you keep on top of your teams' progress
  • Automatic call recording, one less thing for staff to remember
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DECT - Wireless Communications

When you need wireless communication across your site, we can help.

We specialise in site-wide DECT so you can roam your whole site without dropping a call. Take your cordless phone with you and carry on your conversation.

Ideal for manufacturing plants as well as engineering and logistics companies.


Case Study: Sampling International

Sampling International is the UK’s leading sampling manufacturer. Flex-Telecom has supported Sampling International’s phone systems for 10 years.

“[Flex-Telecom’s] system has given us cost-effective ways to work with our customers and colleagues. Also, Flex-Telecom is competitive in the marketplace - on kit and extra handsets”

Wayne Allen, Sampling International

Choose Your Business Phone System

Our team helps you make the right choice for your business. Whether you have a single office, multiple sites or a remote working team.

We’re not tied to a hosted-only offering so you get the choice of on-premise, hosted or hybrid solutions. Each system has its own benefits and we’ll help you choose the right one for you.

Our phone systems work on the latest SIP and WebRTC protocols for true  Unified Communications and Collaboration. But with the option to keep some of your older services. Such as analogue phones, sirens and bells, tannoy systems and visual aids.

You’ll also get customer service you can rely on too.


An on-premise solution gives you full control of all your hardware. All the data, call recordings and phonebooks are on your site. You often own the system outright and only pay for support and external services such as SIP trunks and PSTN lines.


With a hosted system you rent the use of the system, Telecoms as a Service (TaaS). This reduces your upfront costs because you only need to buy handsets if required. Also, your rental costs cover all updates and remote support. Your staff can be in different locations with a secure connection back to the system. 


A hybrid system is a mixture of hosted and on-premise. This allows you to have resilience and control selected data. Also, you can connect remote sub-companies that need separate billing but which work together.

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