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Hosted Phone Systems: The Best Reasons to Switch

Hosted, or cloud, phone systems look the same as modern on-site phone systems.

The real difference is the business benefits you achieve.

With a hosted phone system, you have a cost-effective way to talk. A flexible solution that grows with your business. As well as a set of communication tools to improve your efficiency.

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Keep Your Costs Down

Pay-as-you-go, based on how many users you have. You no longer have to pay upfront because we host the core control unit of your phone system in the cloud. Instead, core software updates, system hosting and support contracts are all included in your monthly costs. These can extend to cover other hardware costs too.

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Flexible to Fit Your Growing Business

As you grow and expand you can add users and features to your system. If the changes are minor they are usually completed the same day. Whilst hardware is often with you the next working day pre-configured.

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Help Your Teams to Work Together

Your teams can work together effortlessly. Tools like screen sharing, web conferencing, video call and messaging are ready to use. Collaborate through group chats, website chat/calls and post-it notes, regardless of location or device. You can even see if someone is free to talk.

To help your staff be productive an automated receptionist can route calls to key people. Record bespoke messages to guide your callers.

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Improve Your Customers’ Experience

Integrate your hosted phone system with your support desk or CRM to improve your customers’ experience. When you link calls and recordings to a customer’s record, you only have to ask a customer for information once.

Customers can join your meetings without downloading an app or plugin. WebRTC gives you everything in one platform, all you need is a browser.

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Protect Your Business Continuity

A hosted system gives you resilience because it’s supported by multiple data centres. This ensures the maximum uptime for your business. If you lose connection or you have a disaster at the office your staff can connect remotely from a mobile, laptop or PC. Your customers will not know the difference.

If you need your onsite calls to work regardless of internet connectivity, you can use our Hybrid system instead.

Friendly Help When You Need It

When you need support our friendly team are on hand to help.

You can get in touch with our engineers in West Yorkshire through your self-service portal, via email or over the phone. 

We fix most issues in less than an hour, so you can get back to work. Your system is monitored all the time, so most potential issues are proactively repaired out of hours.

A 24/7 phone helpdesk is available so you can have round-the-clock support if you need it.

Get More From Your Phone System

Voice calls are still the most efficient way to communicate with people, but you can improve your business productivity in other ways.

We use WebRTC so you’re ready to benefit from real-time communication with:

  • Chat instant messages
  • Screen sharing
  • Chatbots for your website, click-to-call or chat
  • Video conferencing
  • SMS (Text Messages)
  • Other multimedia

Instant interaction is key to catch customers who need quick answers to questions.

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