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Voice Prompts and On Hold Messages

Create the Best Impression with Professional Voice Recordings

Make the right impact before your customers even speak to you.

Use custom-made professional recordings for your phone greetings and messages.

From the voice prompts on your IVR menu to voicemail messages. Also, create a bespoke on-hold message with your words and your choice of music.

You’re in complete control of your business voice.

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Present a Professional Image to Your Customers

Create the right sound for your business. Choose from a range of international and regional voices. Professional voice artists record all your messages and voice prompts.

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Custom-Made Recordings

Avoid pre-recorded standard messages. Provide the words you want to use and they’re custom recorded with the voice you choose.

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Give Your Business a Common Voice

You can use the same voice across all your IVR menus. Whether they’re simple or complex. In fact, we guarantee you’ll have the same voice even if you make changes or add new options.

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Simple to Set-Up and Easy to Change

There’s an easy to follow online service to set up your voice recordings and choose your music. Once you’ve chosen your voice and added your scripts, your recordings will be ready in 5 days or less.

How it Works

In a few simple steps, you can create professional voice prompts for your business through our partner, Promptvoice:

  1. Create your Promptvoice account
  2. Listen to the available voices and choose the right one for you
  3. Add the scripts you want recorded
  4. Choose the format for your prompts and make a one-off payment
  5. Receive your recordings in 5 days or less

Use this link to set up your account and get a 10% discount on all recordings.

What It Costs

With our service, you only pay a one-off fee for your voice recordings.

You won’t be tied into a contract or have to pay an ongoing subscription.

Also by using our link you automatically get 10% off.

2-Week Satisfaction Guarantee

Our business is built on great customer service, and we want to provide prompts you’ll love.

If you’re not entirely happy that the recording is correct or that your instructions have been followed, let us know within 2 weeks, and we’ll re-record it for you.

Consistent Voicing, Guaranteed

Having a consistent voice across all your telephone IVR menus is important. If your chosen voice stops doing voiceover work, or is unavailable for an extended period, we will re-record all the messages we've recorded for you with a new voice — absolutely free.

Our guarantee can be extended at any stage by purchasing more credit. Subject to terms and conditions.

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