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Structured Cabling and Managed Wifi

Structured Cabling and Managed Wifi to Support Your Business Growth

Plan ahead with structured cabling and a managed wifi system.

A robust cabling system is essential to your business success. Get it right, first time, with professional design and installation. 

With managed wifi, your staff and customers can get online in a safe and secure way. Work, personal and external devices are kept separate whilst on the same infrastructure. 

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Designed for Your Needs

Whether you have an office, workshop or warehouse you need cabling to support your devices. We’ll design your cabling around your need for bandwidth and speed:

  • At the desk (Horizontal): Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A copper links and fibre optics
  • Cabinet to Cabinet (Vertical): Fibre optics to suit your requirements. Including installations, terminations and joins
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Peace of Mind Guaranteed

You get up to 25 years warranty on our certified installations. That’s because our engineers have accreditation from the major manufacturers. Your cabling will carry telephony, data, CCTV and security so reliability is key. 

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Plan for the Future

Get a solution that grows with your business. You can add to your network at any time, but it’s better to plan ahead. Fit extra points for printers, desks, wifi and CCTV now to make it easier for your business and the installer. 

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Easy for You to Manage

You have fewer suppliers to find and manage. We look after every aspect of your network. From the design and installation through to the project management and maintenance. If you move sites or open a new premise our team will plan, manage and move all your communication infrastructure.

Secure Managed Wifi

With managed wifi, you have full coverage across your business.

Segregate your network and have different virtual networks through one access point.

Staff and visitors can connect from laptops, smartphones and other devices but will only see what you want them to. You can even limit this to internet access only.

The network is designed around your business, so whether you’re a coffee shop, hairdresser or large enterprise, you can:

  • Prioritise voice traffic (VoIP)
  • Decide which users only have internet access
  • Separate business users and customers with a true guest network
  • Create your own business ‘splash’ login pages with redirection to offers
  • Use token systems and open guest portals
  • Optimise the best speed for departments or users with bandwidth control
  • Control security to lock out unwanted users and devices
  • Automatically pass devices between wifi Access Points (APs) to get the best signal

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