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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Boost Efficiency Across Your Business

Help your team to work together. 

Make it easy for customers to contact you.

A true Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) system improves your productivity. It turns your browser into a communications hub for any size of business. All your communications are through one browser tab, no searching for that lost site.

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Help Your Teams To Be More Productive

Allow your teams to work together as if you’re in the same office, regardless of location.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office, spread across different sites, on the road or overseas. You can communicate by voice, video or chat. Share your screen or take part in a conference call. All through your browser or a smartphone app.

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Increase Customer Leads Through Your Website

Give your customers a simple way to contact you when they visit your website.

It’s the ideal time to capture customer leads. Let them contact you via chat, voice or video through their web browser so you can answer their questions. You’ll have a secure way to talk in real-time because our solution uses WebRTC. There’s nothing for your customers to download, you just click and go.

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Save Time and Money on Travel Costs

Hold face-to-face meetings without the travel expenses or the hassle.

Video calls and web conferences are ready to go. It’s all done from your desktop or smartphone. There’s no need to invest in extra hardware, download more software or spend time stuck in traffic.

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Easy to Plug Into Your Business

Our UC&C solution works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux - there’s no client software. The smartphone app works on iOS and Android.

There’s also seamless integration into many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. It’s ready to use with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho and many others. Track and follow a customer’s journey.

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A Key Tool for Flexible Working

Your teams can work remotely because there is no software to download. 

What’s more, you get a real-time view of people’s location and status. You can avoid disturbing someone who is busy or away.

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Peace of Mind About Your Security

Our UC&C offering keeps your conversations private because it’s secure by design. 

Our UC&C is a Wildix product which uses a native encryption system. Your voice and data are protected without the need for a Virtual Private Network. Also, as a Gold Partner of Wildix, we give you all the support you need.

How it Works

UC&C works from any browser. You don’t have to download software.

Give it a try right now.

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